For me painting is meditative. This is how I go into another world. I am awake, I am alert, yet completely absorbed in the act of painting…not thinking of anything else. — Dana Dion

Dana Dion’s paintings reflect an intense exploration of the world and her subsequent quest for inner expression of that experience. The bold physicality of her painterly surfaces is balanced with a sense of tender vulnerability and an obvious love for the process of painting.

Luscious and evocative, the works explore the vast reaches of a rich inner landscape through a language that she has developed over the years. “I aim to locate a place where I belong. To connect, care, and have a place that is mine.” She continues to discover that locus within herself.

Dion’s peripatetic life has introduced her to many landscapes. Born in Tel Aviv, she traveled back and forth between East Africa and  Israel during her childhood years until 1974 when her family moved to Vancouver Canada. This is where she found an early voice for her work by painting large-scale murals on the walls of her school.

She returned to Israel at 18,  and traveled to London to represent Israel in Miss World 1979. After the competition, she spent a year living and working in Los Angeles.[/one_third]